Odour Eliminator-125ml Atomizer

Odour Eliminator-125ml Atomizer

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Bullet Odour Eliminator
125ml Atomizer spray
 Instead of only masking the odour just like other products do, our Odour remover  will completely remove the bad odours from the air leaving your car, helmet, leathers & boots with a fresh smell in just a couple of minutes.
Bullet Odour Eliminator Destroy odours quickly and permanently. The Spray is a one application solution for that particularly smelly area.
Bullet’s Odour Eliminator will not mask the smell.
It eliminates it altogether.
By using an enzyme we can remove the smell naturally from your car, helmet, leathers, boots and the home.
Our Odour Eliminator has a fresh scent and a powerful action.
1. Spray into the room, car or any smelly area.
2. If the unwanted odour is ingrained in the surface material
then spray product directly onto the area, leave for a minute
or two then rub the area with a cloth to further help
Odour Eliminator do it’s work.

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