Helmet Care Kit (Sanitizer & visor shine + 2 FREE cloths)

Helmet Care Kit (Sanitizer & visor shine + 2 FREE cloths)

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Helmet Care Kit

Odour Eliminator-125ml Atomizer

This natural enzyme based sanitizer has serious cleansing power. Odour Eliminator is NOT a mask, Sprayed or wiped into the interior surfaces after wearing, it keeps your helmet interior fresh and working properly, and free from odour build up. Leaving only the light and natural, beautifully balanced vanilla smell. Delivering long lasting cleansing - each spraying works in waves, and keeps working through the following days. A bottle of sanitizer will last for months.

Clearview Visor shine-125ml Atomizer

Before the 'official word' here's what you all really want to know- it's tip top stuff, efficiently removes all the crud and leaves the visor and helmet super clean and streak free, super water repelant so rain just beads off. No more shaking your head when riding in rain.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xux8oA7fLTU George Braun of GetGeared shows what Clearview can do.

You can use this on gadgets too.

• Visors & Goggles outer surfaces

• Helmet outer surfaces.
• Bike screens
• All eyewear, plastic & glass lenses
• Safe with anti-reflective coatings, protective coatings, reactolite & transition lenses
• Binoculars
• Scopes
• Scanning beds
• Camera lenses
• Safe on all monitors & screens
• Laptops, Android devices, iPads, iPhones.
• HDTV & Plasma screens

In this kit you get Odour Eliminator, Clearview Visor Shine + 1 x 40cm x40cm Microfibre cloth + 1 x small lens cloth

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