The Big Kit-Carnauba wax spray

The Big Kit-Carnauba wax spray

The "Big Kit"

 118ml of Concentrated Carnauba Wax makes 4 ltrs ready to use spray Carnauba Wax PLUS Super trigger spray & 2  FREE 40cm x 40cm Microfibre cloths

Bullet Carnauba Wax spray:

A natural carnauba wax, ideal for light cleaning, gloss and protection especially with vintage & classic paint types.

If synthetic spray sealants don't do it for you, why not try our Carnauba Wax Spray?

This silicone-free product contains a high Carnauba Wax solids content, in a cleansing solution. That means it cleans, adds gloss and  months of protection.

Perfect if 'silicone' is not what you want on your vehicle.

This product is silicone free & body shop safe*

Use our Spray Carnauba Wax on......

*Gel Coat
*Carbon Fibre
*Stainless Steel
*Coated Wood

...and so much more
KIT COMPRISES: 1 Bottle of Carnauba Wax Concentrate. 1x 500ml Trigger spray bottle & 2 superb Microfibre cloths
*Body shop safe means that you tell the bodyshop you have Carnauba wax on your car & they will love you for it. Makes their job so much easier to do and your paint stays on too!!

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Carnauba Wax - The Big Kit

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