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All of Bullet Polish's products have been extensively tested on all types of marine craft, including narrow boats & luxury yachts with fantastic results and the feedback is brilliant (See testimonials).


Our 357 Colour Restorer is brilliant at removing oxidation from narrow boat superstructures, no matter what the paint type. It removes that dull film on your paintwork, GRP or Gel-coat and Awl-grip too. Once it has done this and has been buffed up to a high shine it can be left like this or for a "Belt & Braces" approach it can be further protected by either our Carnauba wax spray or Hi Shine polymer sealant for a really deep gloss shine but with NO SILICONE.

All metalwork

Medallion Marine metal polish has also been tested and has come out on top for ease of use and longevity of shine when compared to Peek, Blitz, Starbrite, Solvo Autosol & Brasso

Available in 250ml Kits (Polish, cloth & applicator pad) this product is a liquid and goes a long, long way.

We have a solution for most marine related problems here at Bullet Polish.

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