BMK500 carnauba wax spray kit

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Bullet Mini Kit BMK500 + 2 FREE Microfibre Cloths
  Carnauba Quick spray wax kit (500ml Carnaba spray wax + 2 free Microfibre cloths) Bullet Carnauba Wax spray: The quickest and easiest way to get Carnauba wax, the worlds hardest known natural wax, onto ALL the surfaces of your car, motorcycle, boat & aircraft. On paintwork..
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Carnauba Wax Presentation Boxed set - 500ml
Carnauba Wax Spray Presentation Boxed set. A natural Carnauba wax quick detailer spray, ideal for light cleaning, High gloss and protection including 2 high quality microfibre cloths in a beautiful "Soft Touch" gift box. Product description: If synthetic spray sealants don&#..
Based on 4 reviews.