10 Microfibre Cloths

10 Microfibre Cloths

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A pack of 10 - 40cm x 40cm – 250gsm Micro Fibre Cloths

These are Professional Quality Microfibre cloths.  250 gsm Microfibre - professional lightweight material.

They are perfect for many applications - car detailing/polishing cleaning around the home, dusting and polishing.

Microfibres have a better grip of tiny dirt particles.

Dust, dirt, and bacteria naturally cling to the microfibres making them excellent for LCD and plasma televisions, computer screens, highly polished paint finishes such as cleaning and polishing cars. They are lint and scratch free.

  • You will receive 10 large high quality Microfibre cleaning cloths, these are 40cm x 40cm
  • They can be used up to a staggering 400 times with no deterioration in their cleaning performance.

How they work.

  • A Microfibre towel will pick up dust, surface residues and microscopic particles.
  • Made with  1,000,000 of the finest microfibres and held together with a special knit,
  • M-Cloths have 90,000 tiny hooks per sq inch that lift the dirt while you wipe.
  • Wash at 60 °C with no Softeners or Fabric conditioners.

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