Weapons Grade Degreaser & Pad Cleaner - 500ml &5ltrs

Weapons Grade Degreaser & Pad Cleaner - 500ml &5ltrs

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Weapons Grade Pad Cleaner & Degreaser”®

500ml Trigger or 5Ltrs

Weapons Grade Pad Cleaner & Degreaser is THE all round soap based, acid free, general purpose degreaser,cleaner & Pad Wash Concentrate.

NO RESIDUES are left behind when treated surfaces are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water.

Ideal for Body shops, Detailing & valeting uses.

This product can be used Neat for maximum grease/oil removal, Diluted 50/50, 50:1 for cleaning or 200:1 for spray/jetwash applications.

For Use on Cars, Motorcycles, Caravans & Motorhomes to remove:

* Streaks & bugs on Caravans and Motorhomes

* Removes old waxes & polishes ready for re-polishing

* Oil,

* Grease,

* Traffic film,

* Bugs on cars,caravans or bikes,

* Bird lime,

* Brake Dust & General Grime.

* A great Compounding Pad wash.

* Car soft tops

Note: May not remove tar spots.

Can be used for

  • All round Automotive degreasing,
  • Pad Wash for detailers
  • Soft Top cleaning.
  • Cleaning streaks from caravan & Motor homes.
  • Use in the home as instructed on the bottle prior to painting.
  • Degreases sinks, cookers, hobs,

Directions for use:

Warning: Not suitable for use on un-lacquered Aluminium surfaces like un-lacquered wheels etc.

Suitable for application by stiff brush, spray or sponge/cloth.

Pad wash: Spray pad with 2-3 pulls of the trigger then wash pad in your pad wash bucket on low revs

For brushing/scrubbing: Dilute 1 part cleaner/degreaser with 50 parts warm water.

For pressure spray: Dilute 1 part cleaner/degreaser with 200 parts warm or hot water.

For best results, apply to item to be cleaned and scrub with a stiff brush until heavy contamination is removed. Two or more applications may be necessary depending on level of contamination.

After scrubbing, rinse with clean water to remove particles & soluble materials.

IN THE HOME: Mix 50/50 with water for general all round  degreasing, soap scum & stain removal.

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Available in :500ml or 5 Litres
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Size: 500ml
Ingredients: Nonionic Surfactants
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