Glacier Glaze Carnauba paste wax Kit-200ml + FREE microfibre cloth & App. Sponge

Product Code: GGCW-120
Price: £22.99  


Glacier Glaze Soft

Carnauba Paste Wax-200ml

  • Glacier Glaze Carnauba paste wax is a soft wax .
  • Amazingly easy to apply.
  • High gloss from the very first coat.
  • Crazy water beading & sheeting qualities
  • Imagine a Carnauba paste wax which leaves no residues. None.
  • Imagine your car with a consistent glass-like finish.
  • When you buy Glacier Glaze soft Carnauba Paste Wax, you will never even consider any other! 
  • A pure luxury Carnauba paste wax for less than £30!

This product contains 30% Carnauba Wax by volume.

Some of the surfaces that can be polished with this product:

  • All types of Body work paint( Vintage, Classic & Modern)

  • Gel-Coat

  • GRP

  • Carbon Fibre

  • Sealed wood

  • Wood  trim

  • Vinyl

  • Plastics

  • Chrome(protective coat)

  • Stainless steel(protective coat)

  • Prepared Aluminium (protective coat)

  • Prepared Brass (Protective coat)

You will receive a 200ml pot of our paste wax plus 1 FREE 40cmx40cm Microfibre cloth & a sponge applicator pad


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