MIDNIGHT MAGIC Advanced Synthetic Gloss Coating

MIDNIGHT MAGIC Advanced Synthetic Gloss Coating

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100% SYNTHETIC paste coating -150g & 396g

MIDNIGHT MAGIC Si0₂ is a completely inorganic, synthetic version of the traditional paste wax. This formula is an advanced synthetic gloss coating contains numerous silica film-forming ingredients and contains NO naturally occurring ingredients like Carnauba or Montan waxes. The improved chemistry of these inorganic ingredients provides the same glossy, smooth finish but boast greater hydrophobicity as well as higher detergency and temperature resistance. All translating to greater durability.

  • MIDNIGHT MAGIC SiO₂ is completely Inorganic-No natural waxes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Extremely slick & glossy finish.
  • Highly Hydrophobic- self-cleaning effect.
  • Highly durable- Temperature & detergency resistant. Non-Hazardous.



Apply MIDNIGHT MAGIC by hand to the surface to be protected with an applicator sponge. Allow several minutes for the product to haze/cure. Buff off with clean, preferably new microfiber towel.

Please note:

You will want to apply to a limited surface area as the coating will become more difficult to remove as it cures so maybe one panel at a time.

Kit comprises a 200g Glass jar plus application pad & Microfibre cloth

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